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Welcome to CAL-MIL, New Home of Gourmet Display...

welcometocalmilThis year we are thrilled to welcome to our company one of the leading innovators of world class display equipment. Like Cal-Mil, Gourmet Display offers high quality foodservice displayware that is both unique and original. Our hope is to use our resources in advanced software systems, manufacturing efficiencies, and our vast network of sales to promote the Gourmet Display through Cal-Mil. We are looking forward to providing you with top of the line products here at Cal-Mil.

Bringing Design to Food and Beverage:
We combine manufacturing expertise with innovative design.
Our products distinguish your brand.
We manufacture in a wide range of materials which includes earth-friendly materials, metals, and synthetics.

Our Four Step, Custom Design Service Includes:
Listening to your needs.
Brainstorming to develop an action plan.
Employing our design team to create and test real products.
Maintaining a professional supply line from concept to shipping.
We are the hands that make it happen.

CAL-MIL is now socializing!

Staying connected through your favorite social media sites is now easier than ever. We are now blasting updates, photos, and videos via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more! Click the icons below to get the latest!

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